Plein air

Plein air Drawing is a method to capture the surrounding rural and/or urban landscape. It makes you see and draw or paint the current moment, its colour, light, atmosphere, and movements. Like deep listening, Plein air creates a deeper connection to the immediate daily environment, highlighting emotional and sensory dimensions of a particular landscape.

black and white pen drawing of the house and scenery near the pond.
Watercolour painting of a lake and greenery
kid's color pencil drawing of someone on a bicycle and a tree
Watercolour painting of the village's cultural centre house and the local kids on bikes in front of it
Watercolour painting of a dog in front of flowers
childish colour pencil drawing of a home, sun, cloud, fence and flowers
Color pencil Portrait of two men sitting on the ground under two trees
Slideshow of drawing made during Kassel plein air
pencil drawing of an electricity pole
Digital drawing of blue orthodox church tower and clouds around it
a colorful drawing of grass and flowers
Childish colour pencil drawing of a house, fence, church tower clods and the sun
color drawing of other people drawing at plein air and sketches of plants
Blocks of colour fill the page, strong yellow, purple and green. It reassembles fields.
Watercolour painting of a girl and a man playing an instrument singing and drinking
A black and white drawing of a birch trunk.
color pencil drawing of a park with trees, benches and kid's playground
Very colorful drawing of a plants, lots of red
colorful sketches of flowers and leaves
Watercolour painting of a cow in a grass field, house in background.
A hand-drawing using colour to show fields. The paper is lying on a concrete floor.
A hand-drawing in colour of a field of green leaved plants.
Watercolour painting of the blue church tower, clouds, near by bushes electricity wires