schema of interconnected subjects: animals, humans, plants, microbes, water, air, drawn with black marker
colour pencil drawing of a person like tree with other concepts written around
a sketch made with color pencils of a person in the center and objects and other people swirling around
a sketch with black marker of categorizing objects and experiences into essentials or cravings
color pencil sketch of a tree and more trees in the background
colour pencil sketch of a baby cow in a green field
black and white sketch of a field with horses and city in the background
Slideshow of drawing made during Kassel plein air
color drawing of other people drawing at plein air and sketches of plants
Very colorful drawing of a plants, lots of red
a colorful drawing of grass and flowers
colorful sketches of flowers and leaves
Color pencil Portrait of two men sitting on the ground under two trees
color pencil drawing of a park with trees, benches and kid's playground
kid's color pencil drawing of someone on a bicycle and a tree
A hand-drawing and collage showing a tower with a shoe on the roof.
A hand-drawing using colour to show fields. The paper is lying on a concrete floor.
Blocks of colour fill the page, strong yellow, purple and green. It reassembles fields.
A hand-drawing in colour of a field of green leaved plants.
colour pencil drawing of cow farm
colour pencil drawing with different points all connected in messy ways
schema of what soil brings: food, life, self-sufficiency, freedom etc.
colour pencil schematic drawing of top soil, world and some writing
colour pencil drawing of cow's horn, smaller cows and warning signs.
colourful pencil drawing of a cow's horn
green and yellow pencil drawing of a cow's horn
brown monocolour sketch of a cow's horn
sketch of a cow's horn
sketch of cow's surface texture
black and white sketch of a horn
Digital drawing of blue orthodox church tower and clouds around it
Childish colour pencil drawing of a house, fence, church tower clods and the sun
childish colour pencil drawing of a home, sun, cloud, fence and flowers
pencil drawing of an electricity pole
black and white pen drawing of the house and scenery near the pond.
Watercolour painting of a cow in a grass field, house in background.
Watercolour painting of a dog in front of flowers
Watercolour painting of a girl and a man playing an instrument singing and drinking
Watercolour painting of the village's cultural centre house and the local kids on bikes in front of it
Watercolour painting of a lake and greenery
Watercolour painting of the blue church tower, clouds, near by bushes electricity wires
pencil drawing of a lake and pine trees around it
pencil drawing of apartment buildings and trees around them
pencil drawing of birch trees, clouds and sun
A sawn off cow horn is places on a piece of paper, next to a drawing of the cut section, and a barn next to it.
A hand-drawn diagram showing different bubbles that are interconnected. The word "Majelis" sits in the middle.
A black and white drawing of a birch trunk.
Abstracted black and white line drawing of grass.
A line drawing of a church tower.
A line drawing of the Pushkino Style logo. Pushkino os written in large letters in the centre, and Style is written below. Two half circles with starts at the end - looking a bit like meteors - frame the words.
A hand-drawn map of Pushkino, showing the layout of the village, describing buildings, public areas, green areas and roads and pathways.
Different objects that are drawn as line drawings are arranged across a white square. They include grass, a cat, toys and a large tree.

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