kid's color pencil drawing of someone on a bicycle and a tree
a sketch with black marker of categorizing objects and experiences into essentials or cravings
color pencil sketch of a tree and more trees in the background
colour pencil drawing of a person like tree with other concepts written around
Color pencil Portrait of two men sitting on the ground under two trees
Slideshow of drawing made during Kassel plein air
a colorful drawing of grass and flowers
schema of interconnected subjects: animals, humans, plants, microbes, water, air, drawn with black marker
color drawing of other people drawing at plein air and sketches of plants
colour pencil sketch of a baby cow in a green field
black and white sketch of a field with horses and city in the background
color pencil drawing of a park with trees, benches and kid's playground
Very colorful drawing of a plants, lots of red
colorful sketches of flowers and leaves
a sketch made with color pencils of a person in the center and objects and other people swirling around