Farm & Rural Background Drawings

We use this drawing techniques in group situations, to explore how we each hold (or don’t hold) particular memories that we would describe as rural. The drawings can be diagrammatic, showing a single scene or memory, or they describe relationships and routes. The mind-mapping sessions are used to create a collective moment of reflection and self-identification, and to make space for multiple rural memories and histories. Myvillages started a Collection of Farm Drawings in 2004, and the collections includes more than 500 drawings made in 30 different geographies.

color pencil sketch of a tree and more trees in the background
colour pencil drawing of cow farm
pencil drawing of apartment buildings and trees around them
colour pencil sketch of a baby cow in a green field
pencil drawing of a lake and pine trees around it
black and white sketch of a field with horses and city in the background
pencil drawing of birch trees, clouds and sun