Watercolour painting of a lake and greenery
Watercolour painting of the blue church tower, clouds, near by bushes electricity wires
pencil drawing of a lake and pine trees around it
pencil drawing of apartment buildings and trees around them
pencil drawing of birch trees, clouds and sun
A hand-drawn diagram showing different bubbles that are interconnected. The word "Majelis" sits in the middle.
A black and white drawing of a birch trunk.
Abstracted black and white line drawing of grass.
A line drawing of a church tower.
A line drawing of the Pushkino Style logo. Pushkino os written in large letters in the centre, and Style is written below. Two half circles with starts at the end - looking a bit like meteors - frame the words.
A hand-drawn map of Pushkino, showing the layout of the village, describing buildings, public areas, green areas and roads and pathways.
Different objects that are drawn as line drawings are arranged across a white square. They include grass, a cat, toys and a large tree.

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