Trans-Local Drawing

Trans-local Drawings are transmitting sensory moments of a place, for example smells, feelings, atmosphere or sounds. Whilst making the drawing, it is important to stay in your own bubble, and try to be as close to what you sense in the place you are in. The drawings are similar to mind-maps, and handwritten notes can be a part of the drawing. Details are important to translate sensory knowledge onto paper. Trans-Local Drawing sessions often start with a short meditation, a moment of grounding, and some guidance on how to reach for a memory and travel across memories. Such a session can be done individually and in a group, both online or offline.

A hand-drawn diagram showing different bubbles that are interconnected. The word "Majelis" sits in the middle.
colour pencil schematic drawing of top soil, world and some writing
colour pencil drawing with different points all connected in messy ways
schema of what soil brings: food, life, self-sufficiency, freedom etc.