The Rural School of Economics is an extension of Myvillages’ ongoing work to acknowledge and share rural knowledge.


The school understands “the rural” as a place, a mind-set, a memory and a trans-local territory. The rural is not geographically defined, and we recognise it as a concept that derives from a European tendency to divide and create binaries in order to manage and rule, such as the urban – rural.


We understand the school as a place for commoning through learning.

A school is a communal space for sharing knowledge, and the Rural School of Economics makes space for less-recognised and under-valued types of knowledge.


Economy is an everyday activity practiced by all of us. The school is making visible different ways of living, working and sustaining that emerge and exits in rural communities.

The school focuses on land-based and women-led economies, and wants to contribute towards a solicarity economy that cares for mother earth.