Wednesday 25 May Mini MAJELIS at ruruHaus and online

Rural School of Economics
Drawing towards Cultural Resilience
and Future-Past Economies

Wednesday 25th May 2022
from 12.00 - 20.00 CET
at ruruHaus and in Kassel or join us on Zoom

Plans for the day:

Welcome by Myvillages and ruruHaus. (all English)
Introducing the Rural School of Economics, local partners and learning together in and around Kassel. With Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra from Myvillages. Introducing the programme for the day & moderator Amira El Ah.

Documentation showing the communal coach trip to Upländer Bauernmolkerei the day before. The dairy knowledge held by everyone who came was shared whilst making cheese together. The trip was organised in cooperation with Frauentreff Brückenhof, Kassel.

Multi-local Drawing Class – an introduction to sharing local places through live drawing. A slow online and on-site event guided by Myvillages.

Break – wherever you are. If you can, continue to draw on a table cloth in front of you. At ruruHaus we will also prepare the pot-luck dinner. The live-stream stays on.

“The Face of the Revolution is Female” is the first of two online dialogues that day, and focuses on the role of women in change and cultural revolution, with Belarusian philosopher and author Olga Shparaga, cultural manager and activist Alina Dzeravianka and researcher Oksana Zaporozhets. Moderator: Amira El Ahl (English and German)

Commoning on the Scale of the Everyday discusses lived systems of creating ecosystems and new economic imaginaries. Cultural Producer and organizer Marianna Takou will introduce the role of funding systems for art in undoing the colonial binary of global north and south. Researcher and community organiser Bianca Elzenbaumer focuses her work on supporting and creating community economies and commons in the Italian Alps.
Moderator: Amira El Ahl (English and German)

Hang-Out and a Lumbung-Myvillages-Potluck-Talk – we have invited friends, partners, ruruHaus members and Lumbung artists guests to bring some food and drinks and talk about rural undercurrents. Table cloths are our new canvas and Amira El Ahl and Johannes Guttenhöfer are roaming with a mic and camera to livestream the gathering and to find out what’s on the tables.