Plein-air classes

Someone is holding up a small painting of a lake, you can see the lake in the background.
Plein-air class near the lake, photo: Pushkino Youngsters
A group of children are sitting outdoors, near a pond and underneath a large red umbrella. They have painting material and on the left is a half finished painting of the landscape.
Plein-air class near the pond, photo: Pushkino Youngsters

Because of the COVID situation, Wapke sends remote instructions and questions for different drawing sessions. “Where is a good place to sit down and draw? How can we make visual abstractions from observing nature?”

Our first goal is to show the beauty of nature in the drawings and, in step two, to design a graphic style that is connected to the common experience of nature in and around the village.

Plein-air class, photo: Pushkino Youngsters
Someone is holding up a small painting by Яна Ежинская of a barn with a flowering field in front. In the background you can see the field and the barn.