Still life

Still-life Drawing allows us to directly learn from an object. Seeing and looking at the object is at the same time learning and understanding how we construct our world. Drawing an object allows us to experience that any information is a creation of its users. At the same time the drawing communicates and sends out knowledge. We like to focus on how the drawing is a subjective interpretation of an object, and to become aware the role we ourselves play in constructing social and cultural realities. Recording the object in a specific to a time and place.

colour pencil drawing of cow's horn, smaller cows and warning signs.
sketch of cow's surface texture
brown monocolour sketch of a cow's horn
black and white sketch of a horn
colourful pencil drawing of a cow's horn
sketch of a cow's horn
green and yellow pencil drawing of a cow's horn
A sawn off cow horn is places on a piece of paper, next to a drawing of the cut section, and a barn next to it.