Design Drawings and Harvests

Design drawings are used to translate sketches and visual notes into other forms of representation, eg. into a logo, a mural, an object, an architecture or exhibition etc. Design drawings are used to develop and communicate ideas about new designs or representations. The process means that we make abstractions eg. from Plein-air drawings or mind-maps, and in the Rural School of Economics this happens collectively and collaboratively. Design drawings are used to emphasise the different aspects and functions of a future design, eg. its decorativeness, its recognition value, its connection to visual languages from the past, its functionality, its 3-dimensionality etc. Here we have also archived the sketching of the schools' relations, locations, economies and/or methods.

Abstracted black and white line drawing of grass.
"Harvesting" by the guest artist Anastasia Popadinets
Different objects that are drawn as line drawings are arranged across a white square. They include grass, a cat, toys and a large tree.
A hand-drawing and collage showing a tower with a shoe on the roof.
A line drawing of a church tower.
A hand-drawn diagram showing different bubbles that are interconnected. The word "Majelis" sits in the middle.
"Harvesting" by the guest artist Anastasia Popadinets
"Harvesting" by the guest artist Anastasia Popadinets
A line drawing of the Pushkino Style logo. Pushkino os written in large letters in the centre, and Style is written below. Two half circles with starts at the end - looking a bit like meteors - frame the words.